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About us

MasterCraft is a boat brand that is huge on the world stage!  So of course we are very proud to be flying the MasterCraft flag in our great country. We prove each day the versatility of a MasterCraft boat by selling to both “rookies” or “hardened pros”!   Our first time boat owners are mind boggled by what our boats can do and very quickly find themselves in the water and either surfing an endless wave for the first time, skiing like they have never skied before or hitting those wake to wakes, or should I say ramp to ramp!

Our customers who have been around the traps for a while get our MasterCrafts to continuously push the limits, again whether it be 360 transfers on the wake surfer, inverts on the wakeboard or hunting those pb’s through the slalom course behind the Pro Star.

Regardless of whether you are one of these “rookies” or a “hardened Pro” the team here at MasterCraft NZ have a boat that is going to blow your mind, regardless of whether you are having the time of your life behind the boat or whether you are just loving life by being in a MasterCraft boat, laughing and laxing with your best mates, on your favourite lake until the sun goes down!

Get in touch

Having established your interest in the Mastercraft brand, we work with you through the process in identifying your personal needs. If required, we offer very competitive finance packages tailored to suit your profile.