We introduced MasterCare starting with 2014 model year product. Fully factory backed, fully comprehensive and fully covered for five years—the industry had never seen anything like it. We were the first to really stand behind the quality of our boats and our workmanship.

Since then, the competition has fired up their copy machines and gotten in line behind us. We think that’s great and we appreciate any opportunity for boat buyers to have more peace of mind. But we are not standing still. While everyone else struggles to catch up to our warranty, we’ve doubled down on quality—and that is getting noticed.

Every MasterCraft off the line still comes with the best warranty on the water—and moreso every year it is rarely used. As we’ve improved the manufacturing capabilities at our factory, our quality has continued to go up and our warranty calls have gone down. That quality is not subjective either.

We can say we build a better boat and you’re less likely to need our warranty, but you don’t need to take our word for it. Beyond fewer calls we’re the only boat manufacturer with three ISO-certifications. That means our factory meets world-class standards for, among other things, quality. After being a finalist in 2014, we are now the only boat manufacturer to be recognized as one of IndustryWeek’s Best Plants in North America for 2015—a prestigious cross-industry award that puts us in the same category as previous winners such as Toyota, Lockheed Martin and Harley Davidson.

If you need it, MasterCare has you covered—effortlessly, easily and quickly. But chances are very high that you will never have to use it.