Service Centre

Taking care of your Mastercraft..

Proper care and maintenance will contribute to peak performance of your Mastercraft boat, while also extending the overall service life.

Below is an outline of Mastercraft’s recommended service schedules, and Mastercraft recommends that all services are performed by an authorised Mastercraft technician.

Key services

First service after 25 hours.

Second after 50 hours and every 50 hours thereafter.

We also suggest an annual service if the boat has not reached the 50 hour service level.

At each 50 hours there are different parts that are checked, but often we will check over most parts to ensure no wear and tear, and we replace if necessary.

To book a service either call:
Action Lab on 07 849 7314 or
Jacqui on 021 215 1478

Core Services

  • State of the art diagnostics

    Here at Mastercraft we have the latest diagnostics equipment. This enables us to pinpoint any issue your boats engine may be having making the process quick and cheaper

  • Fully Qualified

    We have an onsite fully qualified boat mechanic with our own outfitted workshop to help assist with any issue you may be having

  • Genuine Mastercraft Parts

    We stock a wide range of genuine Mastercraft parts. if we do not have these parts we are able to get them direct from the factory with ease.

  • Mastercare

    Mastercraft offers a 5 year warranty on new boats. To keep this warranty you need to make sure you are servicing your boat with Mastercraft approved parts & Mastercraft approved Mechanics. That’s us!