The XStar S is the undisputed flagship model of MasterCraft. With SurfStar technology, the XStar S pumps out the world’s most powerful, clean, and consistent wakes and waves. Filled with ultra-premium comforts at every touchpoint along with industry-leading technology, the XStar S reigns supreme as the ultimate embodiment of luxury and top-end performance. It is bold, iconic, and perfected.


This is the X Family—where unrivaled wake and wave performance meet unmatched luxury. Distinguished style, premium amenities, and advanced technology deliver an unparalleled experience on the water. Ranging from 22’ to 26’ and boasting our signature pickle fork bow, the X Family models boast progressive styling while delivering a luxurious experience in and behind the boat.


Introducing the XT Family—where every model produces world-class surf waves. Endless options and customizations allow you to create your ideal boat with your preferred features without sacrificing the performance, quality, or comfort that comes standard on a MasterCraft. Whether you’re looking for pickle fork or traditional bow styling, or a specific size from 20 to 25 feet, the XT Family is the answer for anyone seeking endless waves, endless ways.


Experience summer made easy with an NXT. Gone are the days of needing to sacrifice wake and wave performance or comfort and quality for an affordable price point. With five models ranging between 20’ and 24’, each is uniquely designed for best-in-class wake and wave performance and equipped with the most necessary features to make your summer turn-key. The NXT Family is built with you in mind—this is summer made easy.


The MasterCraft ProStar is a world-class, iconic vessel renowned for its precision, sleek style, and exceptional performance. With perfected ergonomics and thoughtful design, it sets the bar high and continues to lead the way in the industry. Rooted in heritage, the ProStar has set countless world records with the flattest wakes at any line length and at any speed. It remains the confident choice for families, offering practicality without compromising on quality. The MasterCraft ProStar is Still the Leader. And Pulling Farther Ahead.